Product Questions

Why use 100% Merino Wool instead of Synthetics?

GREAT QUESTION!!!! We could sit here all day talking about the numerous benefits of 100% natural merino wool over man made synthetics. Head over to our Why Merino? page for more information but before you head there think to yourself, would you prefer a cubic zirconia or a diamond?

How do I care for my Smart Merino garments?

Smart Merino garments are easy to care for. For more information head over to our Care Instructions Page for find out the Do's and Don'ts of looking after your new purchase.

What time of the year can I wear merino?

All year round. Merino is an all year round fiber and that’s why we love it so much. With merino's natural ability to regulate body temperature it will keep you comfortable no matter the season. As it's breathable it will keep you feeling and smelling fresh no matter how many times you wear, just give it a chance to breath every now and then and you will be fresh as a daisy. Merino also offers great UV protection meaning you can spend longer in the sun doing the things you love. For more information head over to our Why Merino? page.

Is merino heavy and itchy?

No, absolutely not. If you haven't tried merino before, you are in for a treat. One of the reasons we love this natural product so much is because it's soft, comfortable and ultra-lightweight. Merino fibers are much finer than standard wool fibers which is why it's perfect for wearing at any time.

How come your garments are not pure white?

It is not possible to die the wool white this is why you will find all merino products that say they are white are actually an off-white colour.

What is the inseam measurement of your long john pants?

Smart Merino Long John Inseam

Shipping Questions

Can I track my order online?

Yes, for New Zealand orders we will give you the tracking number for your purchase as soon as we have picked, packed and shipped your order.  For international orders it will depend on what shipping method you choose to whether you will receive a tracking number or not.

Can you deliver to a different address than the billing address?

Yes. Just make sure you make this clear when going thru the purchasing process.

Where do you ship from?

For our https://www.smartmerino.co.nz & https://www.smartmerino.com we ship our orders directly from New Zealand.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship nearly everywhere in the world.  If you are in the UK or Europe, we recommend going to https://www.smartmerino.co.uk to place your order there to save you time and money.

What are your delivery charges?

We offer a range of different shipping options including Free Shipping & Flat Rate Shipping for overnight deliveries. Head over to our Shipping & Returns Page for more information.

Purchasing Questions

Is your site secure for purchasing?

Yes. When purchasing from our site we give you two options to pay, Shopify Payments & PayPal. Both of these payment options are PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant. This means that your purchasing via the most secure method available online. Once you have made your purchase we automatically accept your payment which gives us a fraud report, this helps to protect both us and you from fraudulent transactions.

What payment methods are accepted?

All major credit & debit cards are accepted via PayPal's secure payment service. This includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club and EnRoute. NOTE: You can also complete the checkout process as a guest.

What happens if an item is out of stock?

If an item is showing as out of stock it means that we are only temporarily out of stock for this particular product and we are likely racing to get our next production thru. Come back in a couple of days to see if it is back in stock and we will be happy to take your order. If it is still not showing up, please do contact us via our Connect with us page for an update.

Do you have any other products available, including sizes?

Yes. While we do our best to make as many products & sizes available we do sometimes keep some of our products offline to avoid disappointing customers when they are out of stock.  If there is another style or size you are interested in, let us know and we will see what we can do.

I have a store, can I buy any of your brands from you at wholesale to sell at my store?

Yes. Drop us a message using our Connect with us page detailing what you are interested in selling and we will be in touch to discuss it further.

Can I buy gift vouchers?

Yes. Gift Vouchers are a great option when purchasing for someone else that way you can take the hassle out of getting the sizing right. Keeping in mind though that we do not offer refunds on gift vouchers.

What is your return process?

For more information on our return process pop over to our Shipping & Returns Page for more information.

Manufacturing Questions

What is the process from the farm to our customers?

With this process we are able to keep our prices down and pass the savings on to you. Our farmers are experts at what they do, they have been breading merino sheep for generations and are making this perfect natural wonder material available to us. We then do what we do best, we design, test and then make the products available to you once we are happy with the product that we want to offer.

Are our sheep treated humanely?

Absolutely. Our merino wool is fully traceable back to the New Zealand farmers that we purchase it from. This is one of the key benefits when buying from Smart Merino.

Are you products ethically sourced & manufactured?

Absolutely. At Smart Merino we have a high ethical standard when it comes to our end to end process. This means that every person or sheep who has touched these products from concept, to shearing, to manufacturing, to shipping are all looked after very well.

If there are any other questions that you might have please do let us know please contact us via our Connect with us page, we love hearing from you.