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Pioneering Comfort with Quality Since 2014
Your warmth and comfort in
a quality product is our mission.

Welcome to Smart Merino, the online brand that offers high-quality natural clothing for men and women. We are Saphire & Chris, the kiwis behind Smart Merino, and we are passionate about nature, adventure, and comfort. On this page, we will tell you more about our mission, our story, our approach, and our philosophy.

Our Commitment to Quality and Local Craftsmanship: Proudly New Zealand-made, Smart Merino embodies excellence. We start with the finest natural materials and partner with local artisans, honouring New Zealand’s rich textile tradition. Our garments are crafted with precision—every purchase is an investment in quality that stands the test of time.


We make clothing from natural fibres, mainly merino wool, that keep you comfy in any setting. Our products are amazing: they adjust to your temperature, absorb sweat, prevent smell, and feel soft. They are also eco-friendly and ethical.


We are Saphire & Chris, kiwis who love nature & adventure. It was while we were traveling that we truly experienced the benefits of merino clothing. We come from a multi-generational family of textile experts & we created Smart Merino, a modern online brand.


We care about quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. We collaborate with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure high standards and ethics. We use biodegradable fibres that are sustainable and eco-friendly.


We value nature, adventure, and comfort. We respect and protect the environment. We explore and challenge ourselves. We feel good in what we wear. These values inspire us to create clothing that suits your needs. Clothing that is Smart Merino.

Our Product Promise

Consistent across our range


Using 100% merino wool in our clothing means you experience nature’s finest material as intended & being a renewable material it means it’s infinitely better for our planet.


Our family hand craft our merino range in New Zealand, we stand behind the quality of our products & being adventurers at heart means we use our products daily.


We source our merino from mulesing-free farmers who then hand over to our knitters & sewers who take pride in their work which shows with their beautifully crafted products which they love to sharing with you.

Our Manufacturing Process

Ethically made in New Zealand, not in sweatshops