Why Merino?

It is so super light yet toasty warm... Thank you for your product, it is nice not having to wear extra layers of clothing. 
Tui Peters - customer

Smart Merino brands are made in New Zealand with ethically sourced traceable 100% fine merino wool. Merino wool is the perfect material for any clothing & any situation. Merino provides warmth without being bulky, is perfect for travelling & easily fits under any of the clothes you already own.

During the design and manufacturing process we make sure we take care to deliver the best merino products. If you are new to merino, let us help you understand the benefits, of why we love Smart Merino clothing so much.

Merino wool is soft and comfortable

We make sure that we use superfine & fine merino wool. The term 'Micron' is used for how soft wool is, our merino wool that we use in our base layer and underwear garments is either 18.5 or 19.5µm, this is classed as 'superfine' & 'fine' merino which means that as well as being soft and comfortable, it is also gives you a great itch-free experience. Each product page will say what micron that we use for that specific product.

Merino is lightweight

Merino wool clothing is the perfect product for any situation. It provides warmth without being bulky. Perfect for travelling and also to fit under any of the clothes you already own.

Merino regulates body temperature

One of the many benefits of merino wool is its ability to regulate its and your temperature to suit the situation. Merino wool is able to keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm thanks to the its natural characteristics.

Merino is durable

All the Smart Merino range of products are designed to ensure they are hard wearing and durable. All of our Smart Merino products have great elasticity and are stretchable so they can move with you no matter what you are doing.

Merino is great for wicking and dries fast

Merino wool has a great natural characteristic known as 'wicking'. Wicking is when the merino wool draws moisture, normally sweat, away from the body and holds it in the garment. Merino wool is able to hold up to 30% of its own weight in moisture while keeping you warm. Merino wool also works as a natural moisture repellent where it is 'hydrophilic' on the inside of the garment which means is can absorb moisture and 'hydrophobic' on the outside of the garment which means is repeals moisture. This makes merino wool products perfect for self-regulating moisture.

Merino is odour resistant

Unlike synthetic garments which can really stink and hold smells after only a small number of wears. Merino wool has natural anti-bacterial properties which resist odour build-up. We know its important to feel comfortable in the clothes you wear not just because of how you look and feel but how you smell. With our Smart Merino range of products you are able to be as confident as possible that you will be smell-free.

Merino is flame and static resistant

Unlike synthetic garments merino wool's natural characteristics means that all our Smart Merino range of products are flame retardant and static resistant. Merino wool is naturally flame resistant due to its ability to self-extinguish and that's if you did manage to get it to the 550°C/1000°F that it takes to ignite. Due to merino wools naturally ability to absorb moisture, wool is less likely to create a static charge when compared to synthetic garments. Now you can understand we love merino wool so much. Nature has created a truly smart product and we are happy to bring our Smart Merino range of products to you. We know you will love our products as much as we do.