Introducing Strong Wool Comfort

by Brass Monkeys

Hardwearing clothing that aims to preserve New Zealand’s strong wool and manufacturing heritage

September 18, 2023 - Brass Monkeys, a leading New Zealand brand known for its merino wool clothing, announces the launch of its new range of Strong Wool Comfort products, made from a unique blend of natural fibres that offer warmth, breathability, comfort, and durability.

Durability, Warmth, Comfort and Natural: The Four Pillars of Quality New Zealand Craftsmanship

If you’re looking for versatile and durable clothing that can keep you warm and comfortable in any weather, you’ll love the new Strong Wool Comfort range from Brass Monkeys. This new range is made in New Zealand from 100% natural fibres. Providing premium comfort, while protecting you against the elements. They are also a great way to support the local wool and manufacturing industry while preserving a unique part of our heritage and culture. Read on to find out more about these amazing products and how they are reinventing a kiwi classic.

"We are proud to introduce the new Strong Wool Comfort range by Brass Monkeys, which is the result of Kiwi ingenuity and craftsmanship. We believe that these products will appeal to customers who value quality, comfort, and sustainability. We’re especially proud of the use of New Zealand Strong Wool on the outer layer for increased strength and durability."

Chris Lorigan
Co-founder & Chief Warmth Officer, Smart Merino

Strong Wool Comfort: Reinventing a Kiwi Classic

Strong wool is a miracle fibre, that many people know from the cozy blanket or the soft and durable carpet at their grandparents’ house. The blanket’s now a family heirloom, that’ll be passed down for generations, and the carpet that’s welcomed thousands of visitor’s feet over the decades. They are wonders of timeless durability and comfort. Yet, strong wool, the hidden-gem of the New Zealand wool industry, is almost literally being bred out of existence, as farms choose sheep that shed their wool instead of using it for garments and carpets. Fortunately, there is hope for it. We are reimagining how it can be used in the modern world with our innovative designers and manufacturing process. With our new ‘Strong Wool Comfort’ range from Brass Monkeys, we’re celebrating and preserving a unique part of New Zealand’s heritage and culture, and enabling you to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful wool while including a modern-soft touch.



“The product has a robust wool outer layer that protects me from the elements and handy features like the zip and pockets that make my work easier”

Rural Manager, Agriculture Industry (Early Adopter)

Nature's Perfect Blend

We’ve combined three wonderful, natural fibres to make the ultimate universal jacket. We start with a hardwearing super tough outer layer using 32 micron ‘strong wool’, ethically sourced from our partners at Cape Campbell Farm in Marlborough, a smooth inner layer of 19 micron merino wool to act as additional soft-to-touch insulation layer between the strong wool and your skin, enhancing the comfort and warmth of the jacket. Finally, an interlocking layer of Lyocell fibre made from wood pulp, binds the other two layers together in a 100% natural product giving you the confidence to work and play anywhere supported with the comfort that only nature can provide. The result is a range that is:

• Durable: The strong wool outer layer resists abrasion and tearing, while the merino wool inner layer maintains its shape and elasticity.

• Warm: The strong wool outer layer traps air and creates an insulating barrier against the cold, while the merino wool inner layer regulates your body temperature and wicks away moisture.

• Breathable: The Lyocell fibre allows air to circulate and prevents overheating, keeping you cool and dry.

• Odour-resistant: The merino wool inner layer naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause odour, keeping you fresh for longer.

• Sustainable: The strong wool, merino wool and Lyocell fibre are all renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly resources.

Keeping it Kiwi

This new range is: a result of Kiwi ingenuity and craftsmanship; made in New Zealand from concept to creation, thereby supporting local manufacturers and supply chain partners and contributing to our current and future wellbeing. Once finished, our products are put through rigorous testing to ensure they are high-quality and adaptable for all seasons.

"Brass Monkeys' new Strong Wool Comfort range proves that there is a place for high-value New Zealand-made wool products. Our research shows consumers are demanding durability and sustainability, and strong wool provides a fantastic option - this clothing range is Kiwi craftsmanship at its finest."

Dane Ambler, Executive Director - Buy NZ Made

Colours: Inspired by Nature, Made for Kiwis

When coming up with the colours we took into consideration two key factors. How we could look to nature for inspiration? What do people want?


Inspired by the ever-changing weather of Aotearoa / New Zealand in recent years, we’d go as far as proposing a name change, from ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ to ‘Land of the Never-Ending Storm Clouds’.


If we had a national colour, it would be All Black. It's the anchor for any Kiwis wardrobe, it’s not that we’re in constant mourning, it’s in our DNA – to dress in black, no matter the occasion. It just goes with everything.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

“This jersey is excellent. Warm with helpful / discreet side pockets.
Very smart appearance for casual use on social occasions”

Patrick M, New Zealand

The Details

We have three new products to choose from: the Strong Wool Comfort Pullover, the Strong Wool Comfort Jacket, and the Strong Wool Comfort Beanie. Our Pullover and Jacket are available in two colours: Storm Grey or All Black, with sizes ranging from Small to 3XL. Our Beanie is available in the same colours as well as one more colour option, and it comes in the solo option of One Size Fits Most. You can find the size guide below.


Featuring a quarter zip that allows you to adjust your ventilation and style. It’s ideal for layering over a shirt or under a coat, depending on the weather. It also has two convenient pockets, which is unique for pullover. This is an ideal all-rounder, from the farm to the city and everywhere in between.


The Strong Wool Comfort Jacket has a full zip that gives you more flexibility and protection. It’s perfect for wearing as an outer layer when you need extra warmth and coverage. It also has two zippered pockets to keep your hands cozy or store your essentials.


The Strong Wool Comfort Beanie is a snug fitting hat that will keep you warm even during the coldest days. This hardwearing heavyweight beanie is built to keep you warm in the coolest of conditions.

All three have a fabric weight of 420 GSM, which means they are thick enough to keep you snug but not too heavy to weigh you down. They also have a fabric composition of:

• 50% Strong Wool exterior, 32 microns

• 35% Merino Wool inner layer, 19 microns

• 15% Lyocell wood pulp-based fibre for binding

The Strong Wool Comfort range is available now at for $249 (Strong Wool Comfort Pullover), $349 (Strong Wool Comfort Jacket) and $49 (Strong Wool Comfort Beanie). Order yours today and enjoy the comfort and durability of nature’s perfect blend. For bulk orders or enquiries, email