Located in New Zealand, Smart Merino specialise in superior quality ethically sourced New Zealand made men’s & women’s 100% merino wool base layers, thermals, lingerie, underwear, accessories & more. Browse our range of products today to find the perfect product to fit your needs, or shop from our brands to find the style that suits you including Brass Monkeys, Nature's Secret & From Merino With Love.



100% Merino Wool

Using 100% merino wool in our clothing means you experience nature’s finest material as intended & being a renewable material it means it’s infinitely better for our planet.

Made in New Zealand

Our family hand craft our merino range in New Zealand, we stand behind the quality of our products & being adventurers at heart means we use our products daily.

Ethically Sourced Merino

We source our merino from mulesing-free New Zealand farmers who then hand over to our knitters & sewers who take pride in their work which shows with their beautifully crafted products which they love to sharing with you.


Smart Merino - About us

Saphire & Chris, are the kiwis behind Smart Merino. Growing up in New Zealand means a life of adventure and the great outdoors provide endless opportunity right in your back yard. That sense of wonder and adventure lead them both to cross rivers, climb volcano’s, and traverse through canyons all over the world. Eventually making the big move to London in 2012 following careers with international brands such as Cadbury, Dell, Nokia & Microsoft.

In 2015 they shifted their focus to working full time on the family business, New Zealand made merino wool clothing. Saphire’s family has a strong history dating back three generations working in the garments and textiles industry, her Great Grandmother even sewed uniforms in London during the second world war.

Both huge fans of the natural benefits from 100% merino wool, and the quality in fabric and garment making that comes from being New Zealand made, they decided to help bring the family business into the 21st century, making the range of quality merino garments available online.

Chris and Saphire are proud to bring these products to you, their family values that we know the farmers where our wool comes from, we visit the manufacturing sheds where the wool yarn is turned into fabric, we talk with the team that cut the garments and provide work for the many New Zealanders that sew each of these pieces for you.

If you have any questions regarding Chris & Saphire or our process then please use the contact form.


Knowing where our merino comes from is important for guaranteeing the best quality merino.

  1. Our microns are what we say they are. We choose to work with this micron level to ensure our products are consistently soft, itch free.
  2. We do not blend merino with synthetics or any other materials. Nature has already provided us with the perfect material, we will not mix our merino and cheapen our fabric like others, all our garments are made from 100% pure merino wool.
  3. Ethically farmed merino. Because we know where our merino comes from we can be sure of the ethical treatment of their merino sheep and their staff.



Smart Merino - Manufacturing Process
It’s important to find the great people for the job at hand, and New Zealand has a lot of great people. We have specialists working hard in each field focusing on what they are best at.

  • Material manufacturing – Constantly innovating in ways that we can make new and exciting materials, colours and more out of merino…watch this space.
  • Cutters – We tip our hat to these guys, they are always coming up with new and exciting ways to maximize materials and reduce waste.
  • Knitters / Sewers – If it wasn’t for our knitters all we would have is a blanket of merino, they are responsible for making sure our products fit perfectly, our stitching is flawless and you are kept comfortable in your merino year round.
  • Distribution - Our team are focused on shipping orders out to you and fast, all orders are shipped within 1 business day.