Brass Monkeys Womens

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Merino Balaclava

Merino Balaclava

$34.99 NZD
Brass Monkeys 100% merino wool balaclava is designed as the ultimate accessory to protect you against the elements, the perfect accessory for all outdoor activity, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, cycling or...
Merino Beanie

Merino Beanie with Dual-Layer

$29.99 NZD
Brass Monkeys 100% merino beanie with dual-layering is designed for extra warmth. Made in New Zealand from superior quality merino wool, you will love our merino beanie.
Brass Monkeys Long Johns Underwear Womens

Merino Long Johns / Leggings

$79.99 NZD
Brass Monkeys merino long johns / leggings are proudly made in New Zealand from quality 100% merino wool. Designed to provide a snug comfortable fit including a gusset ensuring your...
Merino Long Sleeve Women's

Merino Long Sleeve

$84.99 NZD
Brass Monkeys merino long sleeve is made in New Zealand from premium 100% merino wool, designed with a rounded crew neck, shaped tail & safety stitch seam for the ultimate...
Merino Neck Warmer

Merino Neck Warmer

$27.99 NZD
Brass Monkeys 100% merino neck warmer snood is the perfect accessory for men & women who enjoy outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, snowboarding, running, cycling, travel & leisure.
Merino Skull Cap Beanie

Merino Skull Cap Beanie

$24.99 NZD
Brass Monkeys merino skull cap beanie is designed to fit under a helmet or hard hat perfect if you are cycling, skiing, hunting, boarding, riding or at work indoors or...
Merino Turtleneck Skivvy

Merino Turtleneck Skivvy

$109.99 NZD
Polo neck, roll-neck, turtleneck, or skivvy - whatever you prefer to call it, this is a great variation of our best-selling Brass Monkeys merino long sleeve. It’s ideal for layering...