Merino Quality Matters: Buying Authentic & Avoiding Fakes

Pure Merino Wool - Man Looking at Merino While Wearing Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer


At Smart Merino, we take immense pride in our legacy of crafting exceptional merino-based products. As a family business, our unwavering mission has always been to provide you with warmth, comfort, and uncompromising quality. But in a market flooded with imitations and subpar offerings, how can you be sure you’re getting genuine merino? Let’s delve into the heart of the matter.

Our Journey: Starting Smart Merino

Eight years ago, we embarked on a bold journey by launching Smart Merino—an online-only store dedicated to authentic merino products. Our decision was driven by a passion for quality and a commitment to delivering the best to our customers. Little did we know that this path would lead us through both triumphs and challenges.

Navigating the Rough Waters of Online ‘Fakes’

Online commerce has its share of rough waters. The allure of convenience draws customers to virtual storefronts, but it also opens the floodgates for counterfeit and 'corner cutting' products. As purveyors of genuine merino, we faced our fair share of storms:
  1. The Imitation Game: The rise in merino’s popularity attracted imitators. Fake merino flooded the market, masquerading as the real deal. We knew we had to stand firm and protect our customers from falling prey to these impostors.
  2. Quality vs. Quantity: Balancing quality and quantity is akin to walking a tightrope. In a market where compromise is common, we at Smart Merino stand firm. While some brands blend merino with inferior fibres, diluting its inherent magic, we choose a different path.
  3. Complementing, Not Compromising: When blending fibres, our focus is on complementing—not compromising—the durability, quality, and inherent properties of merino and wool. We believe that intelligent choices lead to superior products. Our commitment lies in preserving the essence of these remarkable materials.
  4. Smart Choices: Our brand name, “Smart Merino,” reflects our philosophy. It’s not just about wool; it’s about informed decisions. We empower our customers to choose authenticity and sustainability.

New Zealand Strong Wool Pullover Made with ethically sourced New Zealand Strong Wool (50%), Premium Merino Wool (35%) and Eco-Friendly Wood Pulp Based Fibres (15%)

Our Pledge: Making it Local for Quality Assurance

At Smart Merino, we stand firm. Despite opportunities to shift our supply chain overseas, we’ve chosen to stay rooted in New Zealand. Why? Because manufacturing in New Zealand allows us to eliminate any corner-cutting practices seen in the inclusion of inferior fibres in fabrics and end products. The quality that was available 15 years ago remains the standard we uphold today. Our family’s 15-year history of making pure merino products speaks volumes. We’ve weathered market shifts, resisted shortcuts, and maintained an unwavering commitment to quality. When you choose Smart Merino, you’re investing in a legacy of excellence. And while the world seeks cost-cutting measures, we refuse to compromise on quality.

Brass Monkeys Merino vs. Top Selling Brand on Amazon


Next time you wrap yourself in merino warmth, remember that not all brands are equal. Choose wisely, and let your comfort be a testament to our unwavering commitment.


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