Why 'Off-White' Wool is More Than Just a Colour

Why 'Off-White' Wool is More Than Just a Colour

Off-white is one of the hottest trends in fashion and design right now, but it’s not a new invention. In fact, wool has been sporting this colour for thousands of years, well before it appeared on the high streets. Wool is the original ‘off-white’ that has a rich history and a bright future. This colour is not only elegant and cozy, but also versatile and sustainable. In this article, I will tell you more about off-white wool and how to wear it.

What is off-white wool?

Wool is a natural fibre from sheep and other animals that has been used for thousands of years. Wool is not pure white, but has a natural off-white hue that depends on many factors such as the breed of the animal, the season, the climate, the diet, and the health of the animal. Wool also has natural variations in texture and quality depending on the type of wool, such as fine, medium, or coarse wool.

Why is off-white wool popular?

Off-white is also a popular trend in fashion and design, especially in the recent seasons. Off-white can create a minimalist, chic, and luxuriously constructed aesthetic that implies refinement, sophistication, and reality. Off-white can also be paired with cool or warm colours to create different moods and contrasts. One of the benefits of off-white wool is that it can be layered under light-coloured shirts for warmth and comfort.

Off-white Brass Monkeys Merino Wool Base Layer Under Collared Shirt
Off-white merino wool base layer, layered under collared shirt

How to wear off-white wool?

For example, off-white merino base layers, like the V-neck from Brass Monkeys, are made from 100% fine merino wool that is soft, breathable, and odour-resistant. Merino wool can regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Merino wool can also wick away moisture from your skin, keeping you dry and fresh. Off-white merino base layers can complement any outfit, adding a touch of style and coziness.

Pure White Merino Wool is a Hoax

If anyone say’s they have pure white clothing that’s made with 100% merino wool clothing, they’re dreaming or selling you something that they know won’t last. Why? To achieve a pure white colour, merino wool would have to be treated with harsh chemicals or bleaches that would damage the fibre and reduce its benefits.

Ladies hand sits in front of off-white singlet against skin
Singlet that's not quite white

So, next time you see an off-white garment on the rack or online, remember that it’s not just a colour, but also a fibre that has many benefits for you and the environment. If you’re looking for quality off-white wool clothing that will last you for years, check out our collection today!


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